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About Us

As Arpesan - armatüre petrol industry - we have setted out for to produce fuel tanker equipments at 1996.
With 1500 sqm closed production plant equipped with high technological equipments also with products manufactured under ADR standards, having TS EN ISO 9000:2000 quality management standards, we purpose to manufacture products produced according just in time production system, by composing high technology with our experience, by increasing our market share and supply good quality equipments to our customers.
By achieving 55 various kinds of products just in 10 years we have rised to leader position of fuel tanker sector.
Whether by our quality or technology also with our search and development studies we make our best effort to provide to our customers the best solutions.
As Arpesan Ltd., our mission is to provide good quality products by working with duty conscious together with our team care in our service and by synthesing our experience with present high technologies.
Our prior aim is to produce products with lowest costs and to finish all jobs at first time without any mistake with effective efforts and participation of all our staff.
As Arpesan., our aim is to compose ceaseless increasing high quality and market share, to not only control the for quality but also produce the quality, thus become a leader in sector.
Quality strategy of Arpesan is to produce products, with just in time production, meeting all expectations of customers and provide high satisfaction of them.
Board of Directors Chairman